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Business Management
Process Improvement

At Sun Accounting we understand that as a small business you may not have the time to focus on business process improvement. We recognize that with controlled processes you significantly influence productivity, reduce costs and improve quality. We will suggest ways and tools to systematically improve your processes and help you to deliver sustainable bottom line improvement to your business.

Cash Flow Improvement

At Sun Accounting Services, we understand that a business’s cash flow is critical to their financial health. While achieving the mission of your company is key, you cannot get there without a healthy cash flow to keep everything moving. Business may be booming but failure is looming if there is insufficient cash available for the day-to-day bills.

Whether you are just starting up and need assistance getting systems and processes into place for a successful start, or your business needs help getting a cash flow problem under control, Sun Accounting Services can help. We understand that every business operates differently and will help you identify a strategic plan to avoid cash flow deficiencies and find success.

In addition to streamlining your accounting systems and providing accurate financial data, here are three other ways we can help manage your business’s cash flow:

  1. Cash Flow Projection. We will prepare an accurate cash flow projection based on month, quarter and/or year.

  2. Improving Receivables. By putting processes into place to collect receivables in a timely manner you will improve your overall cash flow.

  3. Managing Payables. When top-line sales are growing rapidly, it can temporarily disguise cash flow problems. We will help you effectively manage your payables and learn how to utilize cash in the most effective manner.



Working Capital Management

Sun Accounting Services assists small business in their management of working (or operating) capital. This includes managing inventories, accounts receivable and payable, and cash flow.

By managing your working capital we can help:

  1. Increase your profitability.

  2. Ensure your resource availability

  3. Improve overall efficiency.

  4. Improve vendor/creditor relationships.

  5. Improve financial transparency.




Banking and Lending

Sun Accounting Services can assist your growing business by creating a long term financial strategy and help with raising capital, securing a loan, working with investors, and analyzing mergers and acquisitions.


How we help with banking and lending:

  1. Preparation of financial information. All financial transactions with lending institutions, investors or venture capitalist will require a series of financial documentation. We will help you prepare that information so you can get the investment you need.

  2. Find funding for capital improvements. While funding can be found through internal methods such as structuring or cost-cutting, we can also help you locating funding through other avenues.




Contact Us

At Sun Accounting Services, we can assist your business with these additional financial services:

  • Selling Your Business

  • Valuing Your Business

  • Business Purchase Due Diligence

  • Business Plans


For more information on the business services we offer contact us online or call us at 561.504.6075.

Cash Flow Improvement
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